Is nattokinase and vitamin k2 the same?

Vitamin K2 (MK-) is an advanced formula of vitamin K2 and the enzyme nattokinase, which is derived from natto, a Japanese fermented soy food. Nattokinase is comprised of 275 amino acids and is considered one of the most active functional ingredients found in natto. In short, vitamin K2 and nattokinase offer different health benefits. Vitamin K2 supports bone, heart, and tooth health, while nattokinase helps prevent blood clots, improves circulation, and can regulate blood pressure.

The type of vitamin K2 contained in natto is menaquinone-7 (MK), and natto has the most vitamin K2 in the world. The exception is MK-4, which animals and humans can synthesize in small amounts from dietary vitamin K1 phylloquinone or menadione. Two compounds, vitamin K2 and nattokinase, have become interesting competitors, each offering its own unique set of potential health benefits. Even among cheeses, the amount of K2 present varies greatly depending on the quality of the milk (quality milk from grass-fed ones will start with a higher content of K1 and MK-4) and the particular strains of microbes used to produce the cheese (different bacterial strains and species vary greatly in their ability to synthesize several isoforms of MK). One of the main functions of nattokinase is its ability to break down fibrin, a protein involved in the formation of blood clots.

The fibrinolytic activity of nattokinase not only prevents the formation of blood clots but also promotes healthy blood flow. By breaking down clots and preventing their formation, nattokinase can contribute to healthy blood circulation. In terms of helping to build healthy bones and other health benefits, vitamin K2 is thought to be the most potent form. Depending on your dietary preferences and health needs, you may want to choose the specific form or source of vitamin K2 that works best for you.

While vitamin K2 is more involved in calcium regulation, nattokinase focuses primarily on circulation, making them complementary in their potential contributions to overall heart health. Vitamin K2 is receiving increasing attention in medical and nutrition circles due to growing evidence that vitamin K2 may be a fundamental factor in the prevention of osteoporosis, as well as cardiovascular and coronary heart disease, kidney disorders, diabetes, and cancer. Nurture New York Natto is dedicated to providing Americans with access to fresh, premium natto, the best natural source of vitamin K2, nattokinase, and spore probiotics. About 90% of Natto's vitamin K2 is found in the form MK-7, the type of menaquinone that has the strongest evidence of bone health benefits.

Depending on your specific health needs and goals, you might consider incorporating both vitamin K2 and nattokinase as part of a comprehensive approach to support heart health.

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