Is nattokinase better than statins?

Our data suggested that NK was a better alternative to statins, a commonly used drug for reducing atherosclerosis, and, in addition, NK could be a viable alternative therapy for cardiovascular attacks and strokes in patients. The underlying mechanisms by which NK suppresses atherosclerosis are unknown. Quality of Life Labs Cardionase contains an improved form of nattokinase made from non-GM soy for complete heart health. Does nattokinase have any advantages over statins? One of the reasons I started taking Nattokinase was in a study conducted in Japan, in which it was discovered that it dissolves the spike protein in COVID.

I started using neprinol, a compound composed mainly of nattokinase, about 15-16 years ago after a carotid scan that scared me a lot. Once again, I am breaking the rule of trusting Chinese research, but part of this is just a review, and the next one is a study conducted in China with 10,000 UF of nattokinase administered daily for a year. One of the supposed benefits of nattokinase is that it lowers LDL (a result that can be easily measured and that I am especially interested in).). I make a “cacao” with a mixture of cacao and various powders such as ginseng, ashwagandha, vanga, etc.

(basically, several “good for what ails you”), and I include nattokinase in this mix. Oh, and a couple of exciting supplements I've been reading about lately are nattokinase and serrapeptase, which are supposed to work to eradicate plaque and calcium buildup in the arteries, respectively. It sounds interesting, although I need to read more. I think there's synergy between consuming both together and getting the benefits of both, so I just ordered some nattokinase (brand name Horbaach), and I'll start taking a reduced dose of each one when I wake up at night. Nattokinase (NK), a potent protein that dissolves blood clots and is used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, is produced by bacteria.

I'd love to know why Nattokinase doesn't rank high enough to make many people's lists, or at least mention it.

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