Is nattokinase the same as vitamin k2?

Vitamin K2 (MK-) is an advanced formula of vitamin K2 and the enzyme nattokinase, which is derived from natto, a Japanese fermented soy food. Nattokinase is comprised of 275 amino acids and is considered one of the most active functional ingredients found in natto. In addition, recent research shows that vitamin K has essential functions, such as the activation of osteocalcin, which is an ossified protein, and the matrix Gla protein, which is a protein that prevents heart disease by inhibiting the deposition of calcium in the arteries; therefore, it can be said that this is a necessary nutrient for a healthy life. Since vitamin K2 is present in tiny amounts in most foods, unless otherwise specified, “vitamin K content practically always means 'vitamin K1 only'.While there is some overlap in the physiological functions of different types of vitamin K, vitamin K2 appears to play a small role in blood clotting and, instead, is better known for its role in regulating calcium transport within the body.

Vitamin K1 is only produced by plants, where it acts as an electron carrier during plant photosynthesis and is therefore found in abundance in green leafy vegetables. The type of vitamin K2 contained in natto is menaquinone-7 (MK), and natto has the most vitamin K2 in the world. It is known that the level of vitamin K in the blood of patients with involutional osteoporosis is lower than that of healthy people. Nurture New York Natto is dedicated to giving Americans access to fresh, premium natto, the best natural source of vitamin K2, nattokinase, and spore probiotics.

People who are at risk of bone loss (osteoporosis, osteopenia, arterial calcification, kidney stones) or who are looking for other health benefits derived from vitamin K2 may need higher amounts. This vitamin K supplement with vitamin K does not address the dosage requirements for K2 menaquinones because (a) there were not enough analyses of food composition at that time to determine the K2 content in Western foods and (b) there were still no new scientific data to demonstrate the specific importance of K2 menaquinones in the regulation of calcium and bone and cardiovascular health. There is only one type of vitamin K1, while vitamin K2 has several types with different side chain lengths and is called menaquinone. The exception is MK-4, which animals and humans can synthesize in small amounts from dietary vitamin K1 phylloquinone or menadione. Many of you have told us that you want to learn more about vitamin K2, so here's an introduction to this underappreciated nutrient.

In addition, recent research has revealed that vitamin K2 (MK) contained in natto is the most nutritious of all vitamins. As long as you include green vegetables in your diet, vitamin K1 deficiency is rare; vitamin K2 is another story.

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